Your organizations need for compliance from accreditation organizations or government regulations is the utmost of importance to us. Fuel Services Group will come alongside you to ensure your operations are seamless and you are always compliant. This gives you the peace of mind you need to allow you to focus on what’s important – your customers.

We have comprehensive programs designed to help you stay compliant and remain operational when others will not. This allows you to decrease repair costs to generators, increase the longevity of your UST/AST, reduce corrosion, eliminate water, reduce bacteria/fungi/algae, rejuvenate fuel quality, and eliminate risk.

Today’s complex environment is comprised of changes in the quality of the fuel, cross-contamination of the fuel, higher levels of absorbed water, increased bacteria/algae/fungi, increased levels of bio-mass, decreased sulfur, decreased storage length, tank corrosion, tank leakage, microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), fiberglass delaminating, tank corrosion, component corrosion, and line corrosion. 

Decreases in sulfur, increases in demand for all hydrocarbon fuels, high consumption rate, and increased bio-fuels have all led to significant problems with fuel storage. Water is the single biggest problem with all hydrocarbon based fuels from LP gas to gasoline and from Jet A to Diesel, all hydrocarbons react the same to water. When water is introduced into the system it allows for significant growth of microbiological material, increased acid formation, and addition of gums/varnishes throughout the emergency backup power systems or prime mover as we will call it. Deterioration, acid formation, bacteria/fungi/algae, sludge, water, and debris are causing increased maintenance and failure of the prime movers.

Storage tanks are susceptible to environmental contamination and fuel contamination which is increasing corrosion and fuel instability. Elimination of water (both free and absorbed), elimination of bacteria/fungi/algae, and reestablishing the quality of the fuel is paramount in reduction of corrosion and longevity of the UST/AST.

Peace of Mind